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Game 101 Dalmatians will acquaint you with cheerful puppies, always gets into various scrapes.

With this fun company will not get bored for a minute. Even with one pup a lot of fun, and if they are 101, the adventurous will be exactly so much more. These kids before anything can not be stopped. They love adventure and all sorts of arcade. Play for free with the Dalmatians in puzzles, quests, finding all sorts of items in this section can be infinite. They are the real rogues and no moment will not sit still. Their sworn enemy Kruela want to beat them at cards, but spotty kids will call you for help, and in the end you have to show all their ingenuity in order not to succumb to the evil witch. Excellent sniffer dogs, so many Dalmatians online games where you need to look for items. They have an excellent sense of smell, but if you can boast of the same, and even to show all his powers of observation to a few seconds to find the entire alphabet or numbers in the image. With a collection of puzzles you can spend the whole evening. Kids are choosing easy level, where very few fragments, and adults under the same strength the most complex tasks. Kids who do not like puzzles, like to paint all the characters and their friends, paints or crayons. The main thing is that it's all for free and virtually, that is, clothes remain clean after a fruitful lesson drawing. Not passed by kids and fashion, they have a wardrobe that they sometimes are browsing. Select them an unusual outfit and send to the guests or the street, under your power. After all, it is only because of your imagination and taste. Their parents may be responsible actions for which the couple will want to dress in a special way. But for the most active kids have a number of online games, which will have to fight the main enemy of all Dalmatians. Fierce Cruella be around to stop them, so you have to show all their skill, so as not to give her a chance to enjoy his victory. She is so insidious that suddenly come up with some kind of revenge and the need to outsmart it. Dalmatians are very clever, but still too small to cope alone with such a dangerous opponent. You have to take the reins of the game and set this wicked young lady.

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