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The Bob the Builder games you will meet with the boy, who is able to fix it and fix

Bob the builder known for all children as a handyman, and for him and his team does not have complex cases, because if all perform with pleasure, as Bob and his friends, everything comes easy. Civil engineering - this is a very difficult job, but Bob is surrounded by loyal aides, and they must recognize quite a few of them, not only people, but also speaking machines. Wendy person and she always supports Bob as a friend and as a secretary of his construction company, she always tells Bob, if something went wrong or someone in great need of assistance. And depending on the type of work you want to do Bob takes some of their machines. So, Bob all the friends go on stage, Scooby, Poppy, Deasy, Rolly, Lovti, Travis - all are in business because Bob is not only building, but also repairs, paint, dig, it all depends on the specific situation and circumstances. Lovti crane and travels with Bob, when you want to pick something up, or, on the contrary, lower, so lay the pipe is not possible without the help of Lovti. When you need to smooth the way, then Bob can not do without the help of Rollie, he's asphalt. So with all the other machines, because each of them has its own skills and abilities. In addition, Bob's machines are able to talk and have the qualities that are most common for people rather than for cars, but only thanks to Bob was a successful mother, because when you are surrounded by friends a lot easier. In addition to all the many friends, Bob has a pet cat Sardinka, which is very fond of Wendy, once Sardinka even spent a whole day on a construction site with Bob, though he did so, and did not see. All residents of the city like Bob because it is very responsive and always come to the aid of any call or email Bob will not disregard. Whether it's a broken fence or absence of markings on the road, Bob can entrust everything, so he chooses the most important tasks every morning. If you are confident in their abilities, then you can check it in practice, the game online Bob the builder - it is practically exercise your skills but without the terrible consequences that can happen in reality. Build a skyscraper is now possible to simply controlling the mouse, rather than rising to the height. Bob's friends will help you, and you, in turn, help them as mutual - it is an integral part of this friendship and successful completion of all tasks.

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