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Each hero of free online games is not just appeared on the screen. Before you teach us to play puzzle or entertain in adventure games, fun characters in cartoons or comics. And when they began to national favorites, it appeared in the online gaming protagonists. Good boy Kai and began to win their fans, first in the animated series, and then in the online games. Kai incredibly responsible and positive kid, and despite the fact that is still small, but is ready to help in every way to his mother. Wash the dishes, clean up toys or play with my sister for Kai usually does. Kai boy is very inquisitive and want to know why all that is happening around him. Together with him and you will learn something new and useful for sure. Each of his fun in the free online game exciting and original. The boy knows that he will soon go to school, so he wants to learn to read and write, and to do this in the free online game Kai invites you form words from letters. To learn lessons quickly, you need a good memory and this will also help to cope boy Kai. Free Online Games Kaju offers you develop memory using the cards. The essence of these online games is easy. Before you is a field with inverted cards, on the other hand you'll get the picture. And they are repeated, but your task is to find all the paired images. If you think that this is very simple, there is one condition - the card turned over only two pieces simultaneously. Therefore, you have to remember the picture and its location to make a pair soon. Will help you develop and puzzle with the image of Kai. This boy loves animals and is ready to feed from hand, even protein. This cute picture can be spotted in a single image, which you will have to put in parts. The smallest Kai fans will appreciate the free online coloring. Of these, too, can learn about the latest adventures of Kai, as she likes to swim in his inflatable ring or walks with his mother for a walk. Like any boy Kai enjoys football and railway. Together, you can have fun on the field, and the drive train on the tracks in the free online games.

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