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Game Fairy Tail High will give the opportunity to know your favorite princesses in new images

Before our Fairy Tail High School, which collected all the positive princess, not only in his adulthood, and at a time when they were still teenagers. And in order to become a real princess, she was born a little, we must also be smart, beautiful, generous and kind. And not all of these fairy tales heroine rozhedny were in the royal family, will take at least Cinderella, who was from an ordinary family, but still had all the good qualities. Another example - the fairy Tinkerbell, which is familiar to us as a quick-tempered girl, but she has a good heart. And all these with the help of the Princess flash game developers were in the school, which was named Fairy Tail High. And thus were born into the world of the game Fairy Tail Hai, who like many people, especially girls, because each of them secretly dreams of becoming a princess, like Cinderella or Snow White. So, let's get acquainted with the students invented school: sleeping Beauty Snow White Rapunzel Belle Alice in Wonderland Ariel Princess Tinkerbell And they all started teaching good manners, studying fashion trends and are not aware of what is expected of their adventures in the future. Begin to play Fairy Tail High and feel like a princess, creating a unique fashionable image for the princess. It is unlikely that Snow White had ever streaked hair, but thanks to you it will be a real beauty, especially if you're still priodenesh it in the most fashionable attire. And for Alice best fit jeans and a T-shirt, because it is still bound to be in wonderland with lots of adventure and the clothes she would be just in time. Princess Belle does not know what kind of story it prepared its creators and therefore quietly begets his days at school every day, picking up a whole new way. Tinker Bell, who used to go to the clothes of leaves, you can pick the perfect stove, and change the hair, making it unrecognizable to anyone who is a fan of this wonderful girl. Thus the game Fairy Tail High will give you an opportunity to see new images of all you favorite princesses, spending with them their free time. Use the entire spectrum of accessories to complement the invented images that are suitable for all situations. Ended the game Fairy Tail Hai, you'll be able to fix the result, sending photos princess girlfriend, who will want to discuss your character. Quickly choose the game Fairy Tail Hai, where you also waiting for pajama party, first love princess Cinderella or Belle such a kiss with her lover.

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