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The magic world is full of different schools of magic, in which trained fairies, trolls and other characters. Where the Winx fairies visited"Alpheus"school, there is a small village. In it live young and are miniature feechki, nicknamed PopPiksi. They, of course, have their own names, you will meet there chat, Lockett, Cupid and Fiksita, as well as many other fairies. Their village is hidden from prying eyes, and is located deep in the forest. Fairies do not want anyone to know the secrets of their magic, and took advantage of them. They have a special powerful spells that no one should know. It also hides the Tree of Life, through which the world is saved in the universe. To become better acquainted with each feechkoy and know it can be in the free online games. By outfits, which they hide in their closets, you can learn a lot from nature fairies. Examining in detail every item, consider whether it is to create a new image for the fairies of this approach. The boys are ready to be transformed and will all your option in choosing the dress and accessories. The free online games PopPiksi can go to school and decorate their homes with your help. In one huge house needs urgent repair and rearrangement of furniture. PopPiksi asked to assist them in creating a cozy atmosphere in the free online game. Every little girl dreams of her room with a soft sofa and a beautiful interior. Realize their desire in an online game, and then go to the school. There is also need to add something and to create the conditions for learning little fairies. The pictures can be considered more closely all the fairies, if the picture is already built. And if it is composed of parts, it is necessary to collect. Rearranges the pieces until you see the match. But one day you will have to fight with the clones fairies. Even in a bad dream could not dream PopPiksi such horror, as in the free online game it happens. There were clones of our fairies and help you with the magic staff to deactivate them as soon as possible. This wand creates the bubble in which you want to plant a clone of fairies, there is thus pinning down its operation.

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