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Games Puppy Patrol will plunge you into the world of crazy adventures together with the brave rescuers

Unusual rescue team appeared recently. And it's not grown strong men and a small boy and his rider pets puppies. All the puppies of different breeds, each has its own style and skills that help them to cope with any difficulties. They are ready to rush to the aid of anyone who needed it and always come out winners. 10 -year-old boy Zack Ryder manages all puppies and very ably does. Despite the fact that every puppy has its own special abilities, together they are able to bring a great benefit to those who were in a difficult situation. The free online game you can get to know about each and coloring books and puzzles to find out which has the hallmark of every puppy. Online game about the Marshal tell about how he became a fireman, and all that is connected with fire is its specificity teamwork. He has a real fire truck, but he's afraid to fly. In any cartoon series puppy patrol can see his courage when he climbs the stairs to rescue someone from a fire. Labrador Zuma likes to splash in the water, so it is not too much trouble to pull a drowning. He's not afraid of anything, and throws in any danger, so it is called the most fearless team member Puppy Patrol. The free online game you will be able to fold puzzles with each character, considering the characters and their vehicles. The most lovely party rescue team is Sky. She is the only girl, and its peculiarity is that she loves to travel and can not live a day without flying. In online games racer will manifest itself as a real policeman, and will protect all offended. The biggest machine belongs Fortress in free online games, he will ride on the excavator and help, if you need to build something. If you want to take part in any rescue meropriyatiyahSchenyachego patrol, then play free online games you like. Free Games Puppy Patrol often consist of games on logic and attentiveness. After a lifeguard to be not so simple, and you need not only to act quickly, but also to think well. Do not delay the launch of online games Puppy Patrol, maybe someone waiting for your help, or want to show off in puppies coloring or games memory of their achievements.

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