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Every kid wants to get acquainted with these funny creatures. Smurfs nonexistent mythical dwarves, small stature and blue. They differ from the others in that wear white hats - caps. Smurfs live in mushroom houses and constantly busy with something. They do not like to sit just so, so in their small village of constant movement and fun. They became familiar with the audience for a long time as long as the cartoon came out about them, but now you can also play with them in exciting games and adventures. The free online game you can get to know them all together in a big coloring book or individually in games - dress up. The oldest Smurf - dad. He is very serious and does not like to choose clothes, so in the online game you have to do it for him. Choose for the pope the most rigorous outfit or more youth. It depends on the dress will look like a representative of The Smurfs. The most charming of all the gnomes - Smurfette. She's such a flirt and it seems that nothing involved except the selection of clothes, jewelry and shoes. But Smurfette loves to cook for friends tasty cakes. In some online games, the girl will show you how she does it. You will not only decorate her cake, but also to prepare sweets in her kitchen. Smurfs never quarrel and love to play together. And they each engaged in the business. Papa Smurf has a laboratory, someone who loves cars and spends much time in the studio. The Smurfs Free online games will show you all your favorite places and activities. It is such an honor for everyone to get into the mysterious world and meet with the dwarves -Merry. Do not they cost and without romantic adventures. In one online game Smurfette will shoot eyes, luring one of the gnomes. Before you go out with him, Smurfette wants to change to conquer the selected Smurf, and you have to create two images. After all, the boy - dwarf, too, should like Smurfette, since she is a lover of fashion. Smurfs love to spend time actively. Therefore, in the free online games you will see blue men on bikes, driving cars, trucks, with rackets in hand, and the game - shooter. For girls Free online games there are moments of beauty, where you can make masks, hairstyles and choose outfits for the gnomes.

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