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Action computer games are one of the most common types of console and online flash games, including a wide variety of genres and subjects. Some researchers have stories associated with the appearance of computer games action games with the release of "Space Invaders" in 1978Others consider them to be a subspecies of role-playing games, in which the active participation in the game is largely due to the rapid development of the plot, against which dynamically takes all game. In this case, the founder of the cult action game called Adventure «Dungeons of Daggorath», created in 1982.In contrast to the classic role-playing console games, where the success of the hero is more dependent on the personal qualities of character, computer role-playing action game (ARPG - «Action role-playing game») require the player and his character, in addition to a set of skills and magical properties , and even high-speed action and the immediate response to the changing environment.Action computer games include a variety of genres, such as «Frogger» (collect magic items), "Blow" and "Martial Arts", "Labyrinth", "Platform", "Shooter" and many others. Typically, the most advanced and popular action game perfectly combines elements of all of these genres.

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