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Game Adam and Eve will tell us about the great love for which Adam is ready to cope with any difficulties on the way.

Such a pair of lovers you will not meet all over the world because of Adam and Eve is the first pair, which appeared in the world. Eve loved to get into various adventures and Adam often had to pull her out of various scrapes. Help Adam get to his beloved, going through all sorts of obstacles in its path. In this free online game you will be the first man to help in the rescue of his beloved. Walk past the caves where you can run into dangerous creatures, not to get into a huge pit - all you have to do. To do this you need to be clever and skillfully manage the keys movements. But Adam did not know what it will this love. Soon, namely in the second part, he will be in prison. And all because of his beloved Eva. So he realized that good of women do not wait, now his main goal is only to choose quickly from behind bars. Show their logic using objects in its path. Each one of them to you for something handy to get out and go to the next level. With mediocre intellectual abilities is impossible to go through all the levels to the end. Therefore, be patient, and if you do not succeed the first time, have to look for solutions.

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