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Each period in the history of mankind is different from each other. Varied era grew progress and civilization developed. In different periods of people's habits were transformed, changed art. One habit of millennia raced to the present day. At each stage of human history people have fought, shed blood. I only causes the outbreak of hostilities. It could be gold mines rich in resources, religious concepts, and much more. In the era of free online games war began cavemen. Stone Age is different in that there are no modern weapons, no diplomacy laws. There are only people who are fighting with improvised means. In our reality it is impossible to find, so the game online will show you a piece of the Stone Age and the rules of war at the time. They fought with rivals over territory and the main task - to break the enemy settlement. Cavemen create towers and forts to defend themselves. The free online game you have to destroy enemy buildings to come out the winner. With each enemy killed you will be points that will help in the attack. Age of War - is a strategy battle tactics and exciting developments in the free online games. At every step you will need more units that will follow you into battle. You start to play for free online in prehistoric times. All the fighting sticks, and stones - this is the best weapon of the battle. With the acquisition of experience and gold, you will move the ladder of civilization. Spend coins to hire new soldiers and to strengthen its protection. The more you rack up experience, the further prodvineshsya and will enter a new era. But the war and it is noteworthy that the only change weapon, but the goal remains the same. You need to protect their build, break the enemy and destroy his tower. If the free online game Age of War you'll get a lot of experience, you can get there in modern times, or even be in a fictional future. Each epoch of war is interesting for its characteristics.

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