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In recent years, the children began to look less than the cartoon, and switched to television series. Of particular interest is a sitcom about a little girl Carly. She recently turned 13 years old and the girl lives with her brother. He was older than the girl twice, and his name is Spencer. The girl spends a lot of time with their friends, so they came up with the idea to create a fascinating show «iCarly». So popular was this show that were created online games, which are no less entertaining and original. They can once again meet with all the characters of this web - show and play the role of the famous girl. When friends Carly became popular, then they began to arise quarrels and Carly tries to reconcile them in each series. Sam and Freddie will bring a lot of girl 's chagrin his spats. If you look at least one series of youth show, make sure you want to play online with these charismatic characters. Help Carly cope with all the difficulties that are lying around on it every day. Girlfriends girls know that from it we can expect anything, even games on the strip. She recently made ​​her two friends - guys to play online undressing race. You can participate and play for one of them. Carly loves to play with cards that train the memory, because it is still in school and knows that her memory will come in handy. Girl still need to learn lessons and to remember a lot of different information. Free train with Carly possible in iCarly Games. One day, Carly and Samantha, her best friend, got bored and decided to compete for one guy. Defeat should be one that will kiss him. If there had been more agile and become a winner in this original competition. When Carly wants to throw a party for friends, is preparing sushi. After all, she knows that everyone loves this dish. If you want to participate in the preparation, the free online game Ai Carli will you welcome. In online games iCarly always possible to meet a variety of subjects, as they talk about teenagers who are most like to have fun and entertain. In some online games, you only need patience and attention, especially when Carly will meet on the street fishing. To catch only the necessary items that will have to be very nimble and follow the rod Carly.

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