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An exciting online game was developed by French Akinator programmers, Jeff and Arnaud in 2007, and it immediately gained enormous popularity. It is represented by 11 of the most common languages ​​in the world, and now you can play akinator Russian.Traveling through the desert, Jeff and Arnaud found a magic lamp from which a genie appeared Akinator who likes to ask questions and guess the character you have in mind. They moved the curious gin in the Internet, where akinator will now play with anyone.Starting play Akinator you guessing any character from a fairy tale, legend, anecdote, or real life. The most important thing - honestly answer the questions asked of gin, which he can offer only forty. After that Akinatora have two more attempts, and it should be called the hidden character, or admit defeat. In this case, if akinator play fair, you have to uncover their hero. But as a rule, gin cope with the mystery before. Such a "vision" of gin is simply amazing, and play akinator want more and more. Excitement, even after understanding the algorithm game, does not pass and the desire to play akinator remains. Still want to put a genie in a dead end and fill the database yet another character with his "personal dossier".

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