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It is rare to meet a child with the imagination, like Alice. With her fantastic adventures occurred when she was in a dream fell into the rabbit hole. In the strange world of a girl waiting for the amazing adventures that are far from reality. All subjects were to come to life, and being possessed magical properties. The magic lay in the fact that even food or drink had magic. Drink a glass of water and you will be great, it is only something to eat, as immediately reduced in size. In this world prevail rules, which have to observe even in the free online games. If you are interested in this fabulous little world, then with Alice in the online games you get into it and you can take part in the adventures of a girl, you learn a lot of secrets and open your secrets. Mad Hatter will reveal to you the world of online puzzles. Alice in Wonderland was not by chance, but in order to show you the amazing events in the Tea Party lands, Mushroom Garden, Flower Garden, White and Red castles. Beautiful picture online puzzles will be broken into pieces, and you have to put a lot of effort and patience to restore the image. Characters Free online game Alice in Wonderland like to ask the puzzle that will help develop the brain. Play online checkers with Alice and other colorful characters is not only fun but also educational. Alice falls into another country, which was not a fairy tale, but any girl wants to get into it. Country fashion and beauty will draw you in and free online games. You will choose clothes for Alice and new images. Create them, not only with dresses but choose jewelry, accessories and a new hairstyle. Then the little girl will shine with renewed vigor. Let her see the ball in a beautiful lush dress, because it is not all the time to wander through dungeons. Although you can find a lot of interesting and useful, meet unusual enemies and collect a bunch of artifacts in the free online games in Adventure through the tunnels and dungeons. You will come to the aid of the Cheshire Cat, who can disappear unexpectedly. Cat throws watch online game Alice in Wonderland, which will bring you extra time to pass. Any hints are used wisely, that they were not in vain. Develop your skills and exercise patience in online puzzles and search, as well as develop their love for the beautiful in coloring.

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