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Game Om Nom will make you break your head before you can feed your pet with delicious sweets

Such a fun character just can not be fans, even for the sake of mere curiosity should meet him. This cute green monsters like adventure. Simple games and games is not difficult environment, as well as colorful pictures for a long time will carry away the child, and he will be able to enjoy the funny stories with our hero. Also to participate in the free online game Om Nom. In one of the puzzles you'll have to cut the rope, and by your ingenuity depends on the whether you razrezhesh rope. It seemed that so important about this rope? She holds an object that fell, pick up a lot of bonuses. For your character online games, these bonuses are the most important in his life. A bit of history you can not hurt. After all, you have to know where there was this green monsters Om Nom. He came from another planet, and tried to find their own food. He soon decided that he would have only sweet candy. The free online game you get to know this passion Om Nom. In pursuit of candy, he may not even notice the thorns and pits, which can destroy it. Therefore, for a sweet monsters just needed to be monitored. Show him where you need to jump over danger. But other than candy monsters also wants to collect all the bonuses in online games. After Om Nom so hungry, it is impossible to feed. Sometimes the bustle in search of food and bonuses Om Nom could not see his enemies. In various online games, this can be spiders, snails, spikes and missiles. To avoid falling into the trap of Om Nom in the free online game and need a little child as an assistant. But he needs a bold and brave player who will follow him everywhere and will be afraid of danger on the road. For the first time An Yum know on this planet, how to celebrate the New Year holidays. And you can see it pretty attractive face in the picture with puzzles. If you can collect it from the small fragments. Someone advised as the Green Monster to play bubbles. So it happened that on the ground waiting for his many discoveries, which he will share with you in free online games and puzzles. Sometimes you have to show him the difference in the pictures. He can not see the fine details, but if you say it to them, immediately becomes clear. The free online game Om Nom will be entertained, and you look for the difference for him.

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