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Games Amigo Pancho - the adventures of the hero. moving exclusively on balloons

The Mexican prairie pretty interesting things happen. After all, the population of this country everyone knows his fiery temperament and passion. Each case, which is taken for a Mexican, turns into a real dangerous adventure. Here you can see the fire, and the chase, and the quiet traveler, who wants to conquer the desert or tropical forests. So you're a hero, and you can see the famous all over the country Amigo Pancho to play free online games. He wanted to explore every corner of your favorite country, but the money for planes and helicopters had not. Therefore Amigo Pancho chose for himself the cheapest way to travel - air balloon. But as it turned out, it is the most reliable transportation. Still, let's help this bold traveler, cut in a balloon. To do this, you need to deal with all the obstacles in the way Amigo, because he can not do it, because Amigo Pancho hands busy balloon. This can be spikes or barbs which are capable ball burst per second. Take the dexterity online game Amigo Pancho and help the hero get by every thorn. For this, go to Amigo in different directions, and if you see it on the road dangerous. Sometimes you have to be a real destroyer of using clicks to remove the blocks in its way. The free online game Amigo Pancho you have to show some osvoihz strengths - agility Amigo flight control, rapid response, to dodge the obstacles, ingenuity and logic will also become your assistants. In some parts of the online games you will have to save his ward from this eclipse, and in some dodge the shots from guns. Our irrepressible friend Pancho decided to go to the Egyptian pyramids, to take part in the excavations, even in online games as possible - on the ball to overcome this distance. When Amigo Pancho tired of his adventures, he will open a small cafe, which will prepare tasty burgers. In the early days he just needs an assistant to conduct all business and manage orders. For Amigo Pancho has no experience in the business. In the online game Amigo Pancho in the cafe help him successfully to finish each day with a good profit. Perhaps someday he will earn on the plane to go on a journey not a balloon.

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