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Even little mouse dreams of becoming famous all over the world, even if this mouse world. Angelina was born in an ordinary family, but from early childhood dream of performing on stage. So she enrolled in ballet school, where he began to learn to dance in pointe. Angelina is very hardworking mouse, because she no longer wants to do, other than ballet. Every day, it can be seen in training. Angelina did not even have time to choose their clothes, because it is very busy dancing. It is necessary in a free online game you have to do her wardrobe. Angelina may soon enter the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, so she needs to dress very beautiful and stylish. Every element of her wardrobe to be in his place and picked up with the sense of taste. Online Games Angelina Ballerina will talk a little about the persistence of the white mouse and how the talent she possesses. And every player can show their abilities in various fields of online games. You can collect pictures, which are divided into small pieces, and can choose to dress up our future star. Besides dance Angelina still excites sport, because she likes to skate. With this mouse you go hard to the ice arena, there to show masterclass for skating. In order not to upset the mouse, you have to be very careful and attentive. After all, Angelina so no one believes, and that this little mouse was able to become a real star, it needs to be pushed. Become a member of the fate of the little mouse and Teach her ​​her favorite dance in one of the online game. Angelina Ballerina will try very hard to show you skilful, but without your help it will not do. Angelina has a best friend that is engaged in gymnastics. In online games, you can see them together. Alice likes to change clothes, but most of her favorite image - a green leotard and white slippers. Our little ballerina already have their envious. A couple of sisters - twins tease everyone in the neighborhood, and they did not like our Angelina, because she dances better than them. But the best of friends and Felicity Flobi mouse is not afraid of any trouble. And there in the role of assistant to you in free online games Angelina. You can add up correctly and the picture and find all the paired cards, but to create a beautiful image you do not have an equal.

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