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The Little Mermaid Ariel - games for girls, once again proving that the popularity of the Disney characters, despite the huge competition, still is high. The main heroine of the game Little Mermaid Ariel has a very touching story, described by Hans Christian Andersen. Mermaid story is very touching and tearjerker. Great love for the prince brought Ariel only great distress. Mermaid Disney remix happier and kinder. The creators of this remix thought that fairy tales should be a happy ending. For his kindness, beauty, humor and understanding children love the Little Mermaid, and every day they are looking for on the internet game Little Mermaid Ariel, where the main event is a party to all the Little Mermaid herself and her loyal friends. Knowing that the game Little Mermaid Ariel uses a specific target audience (girls from them just in awe!) For the creators of "The Little Mermaid Ariel" devised many kinds of fascinating travel Ariel. The Little Mermaid Ariel - games of different genres. They appear before the gamers in the form of puzzles, odevalok, colorings, platforming, racing and underwater search items. Especially popular are the mermaid Ariel game "Water charm Ariel", "Tournament King Triton", "dreamy water nymph", etc.

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