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Games Arkanoid - favorite since the console games, which are now even more colorful and more diverse

These games are quite a few years, but up to now they do not lose their appeal to gamers. The goal of the game and just, and both require a lot of skill to win. It is to liberate the game field from various bricks, which can be of various shapes, sizes and colors. This can be done with a ball that bounces off the field at the bottom of the die. Your most important task is not to miss a falling ball that he dropped it on your plate. Then he will be able to make a second move and break a few bricks, thereby bringing you to the coveted level of completion. If you think that this game is boring, then you've never tried to play it. After dropping out bonuses from broken bricks, so diverse, that will not get bored. With them, you will have more opportunities to win, for example, will increase the number of balls, and only had time to catch them. Come across a bonus that will pull the bar, which discourages the ball, and it will be easier to catch. Only one minus is at these bonuses, they pass with time. There is also a risk of catching a bad bonus, which complicates the task. Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish between them, catching only the necessary advantages. Thus, for a good and long games in Arkanoid, you need not only agility, excellent reaction and observation. It is impossible to take a breath during the game, because you must constantly watch the game without interruption led racket, beating his ball. After all, one wrong move and your ball on the floor. This means that one life was less. In some games, the problem is complicated by the fact that the block is not broken the first time, this means that you have to get twice on one and the same unit, to break it. There are power-ups that make the ball faster or slower. And if in the first case, it will be easier to follow its path, in the second - he can immediately rush your racket. Football fans will find a online game where you must score balls into the goal, but for connoisseurs of the cosmos, there is a fantastic Arkanoid section of free online games.

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