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Along with the main hero of the game Asterix and Obelix you have to fight with the Romans for the freedom of the village

A long time ago there was a special state of Gaul. She had her own enemies, neighboring countries that tried to seize the country and seize its land. But people who inhabit this country are so loved freedom, he did not want to obey anyone. Folk heroes were two Gallic warrior. Asterix and Obelix drank a magic potion and became owners of super-powers, which should help them in battle. You will not find a person who once did not look cartoon about them, and for lovers of comics have a huge selection of books with stories about those two Gauls. Online games are created based on the comic books and movies. Fight with the insidious Romans along with the characters Asterikom and Obelix. They are always for something to do for fun, and it's quite successful. They know that they can get huge benefits, collecting coins along the way. And to manage their campaigns will be you. Not always, these adventures will be rosy, but more often they are accompanied by risks. At every step you can meet the evil Roman, which will have to fight. Fans are used to racing beautiful racing cars, but also you can properly manage the chariot? Test your strength by taking part in a race of two friends, where they became enemies only on the race. Entertainment Gauls unusual and fascinating. Among them, such as throwing everything that comes handy - sticks, stones, and more. You find yourself in the middle of a tricky game where the enemy will realize that it is weaker than our heroes. Then he goes and a trick. It is so low - to mix two friends sleeping potion to neutralize them. Besides you, no one will be able to wake up. Help Gauls return to the ranks of its main defenders. This you have to do, by all means - crates, wheels, sticks, but the most important thing - to use logic and wit. Thoughtful course so that in a short time you have got the gall to throw on a subject that will not allow him to sleep forever. After these adventures you seem elementary tasks in the form of puzzles, coloring books and other children's puzzles.

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