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Games Babar and Badou will take you into the jungle, where you are waiting for an incredible adventure

In the jungle, surrounded by mountains, lies the town with a beautiful name Selestvil, and the name of the city was given in honor of the wife of the king. the King himself a wise ruler to his subjects, and he's an elephant, and his name is Babar. But the main character is not far away, he and his little eight year old grandson - Prince Badu elephant who lives in a castle with his grandparents. Together with his friends: Chick monkey, porcupine Monroe, zebra Zavada and lisёnkom Jack Badou always finds adventure and rescue loved ones, if required. And if it's time for the games, here friends can engage in a process of all the inhabitants of the castle, where the royal family lives. Wise grandfather rarely scolds young pranksters, instead he gives advice and guidance to the children themselves can make the right conclusions, and make the right decisions. So, growing elephant surrounded by love, and tries to be independent, while respecting the rules that characterize real prince. He learns the world through trial and error, to continue to be as wise ruler, what is now the King Babar. Bud and his friends will always find a time and a place for adventure, because they possess boundless imagination, which is inherent in almost all children. Even in the loss of some small thing adventurers can see the whole malicious abduction, and then go on a quest, finding more and more clues, they become real detectives. Badu very observant, and because of this, he even saved the kingdom from the terrible disease, and cured those who are already ill. Of course, in the jungle Badu is easy to find adventure, but now can be an adventurer you are, in fact quite simple to play Babar and Badou. Plunged into the life of the jungle, you meet favorite characters, and you can help them with the obstacles encountered in their way, as well as participate in the activities you most enjoy slonёnka Bud and his friends. Under the ground or in the air, in the mountains and seas, elephant Badu everywhere find adventure and invites you along, and Chiku, Monroe, and Jack Zavada, who is always with him, when it comes to something very interesting. Perhaps you will meet with King Babar himself, or with the main villain - a crocodile. Be smart and resourceful, the same which is typical for most slonёnka Badu to achieve success in all your endeavors.

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