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In games you Beybleyd snesh heroes who have to fight with various villains.

Among the new anime and comics, we note stories about plucky team "Homewrecker Bleyderov." This team is composed of students who had gathered for an exciting game. Even if you're not a fan of Japanese anime, you can play online in this puzzle. Show your logic is quite able to anyone who knows how to think. There is fun to have fun, for example, throwing tops. Blade, so called spinning tops, spinning very fast, and each has its own abilities. You will win if everyone remember Characteristics Blade. There is a spinning top, which creates a wind storm, tornado, meteor rain, and can also create a stellar attack. Later, the top slightly improved, and he became known as the Pegasus Galaxy. Sledyyuschim space became Pegasus. He has such abilities as bornado-blast, and can also change the mode. Volchok named Lion King lives up to its name and has the lion's blow. There is still a top fire with claws Archer. The essence of the game is elementary, but requires great skill and dexterity. You need to try to knock your opponent, but to stay on the site. This ability to exert the desired effect, where a weaker or stronger. One of the main characters of this team, it should be noted purposeful Tyson. He is used to winning, and is considered to be the best player. He is constantly improving their skills, as is getting stronger and stronger. He will protvinki, which, along with Tyson is ready to receive the title of the strongest. Kai - comes from a noble family, his cold-blooded character, and this is different from the irascible Tyson. This difference led to a friendship between the guys in the end and now they complement each other. But until that happens, the guys were opposed. You will be interested in the opportunity to play online with the hot metal. The original competition is to shoot at metal projectiles balls. Try not to make useless shots, because you'll lose a lot of time, which is limited.

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