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There are no little boy, who has not dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child. After all, there will open a completely different world of planets and stars. You can take a closer look the brightest star of the sun and see the moon and satellites. When the scientists created such an amazing vehicles, which can allow us to fly into space, then all the children's dreams become more real. But the first to become lucky not people, and a couple of dogs named Belka and Strelka. These simple mongrels were the first astronauts who went to the heavenly journey. Belka and Strelka became real heroes, so they set about movies, cartoons, and on the website you can find free online games Belka and Strelka. In one of the free online games you will go with them in an amazing adventure in space. A cloud of asteroids will surround your spaceship, but your agility to help Belka and Strelka out and escape. To do this, you have to deftly manage their transportation, as well as shoot straight from the weapon. Back on land, Belka and Strelka offers completely new adventures in free online games. Once on the big water, our puppies will have to be selected with your help. Jump on the huge fish whose back sticking out of the water to move closer to the land. The free online game you will see not only the most famous astronauts, but also their loved ones. Rex - the most senior puppy, son of Proteins, which loves to read and wants to be the most intelligent. Bagel on the contrary - the rowdy puppy and often falls into the fascinating history. The smallest of all, it's a girl Dean. It 's cute and fun and loves to dress up. The free online game you can dress up in her new dress and ornaments. The free online games in this section you'll meet all the heroes of the animated series Belka and Strelka, which are created for the youngest players. They will be able to paint with pleasure, it is so much easier with the virtual brush. You can always change the color at the time of painting, if you do not like the result. Positive moment of online colorings that they are absolutely free, and the child will not be able to smear paint clothes, as well as have the opportunity to choose a picture wasps their favorite character. This wonderful family dogs waiting for every gamer to offer him entertaining adventure.

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