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Games Rabid Rabbits - an exciting adventure in the most rabbits ralichnyh places and even on other planets.

Once Ryman was captured by rabid rabbits. He did not know that they can be so much fun. Before that Rayman was the protagonist, but when you see these funny bunnies, it overshadowed. They are not like the gray Fuzzies, who quietly munching grass and hide in burrows. These rabbits unrestrained character and stunning fantasy that comes up with the job for you and Reimann. Online games about rabid rabbits are available to everyone and have no restrictions on age. Reimann is necessary to help get out of captivity, though he did not want to leave these funny kidnappers. But he must finish his mission, and you offered him his shoulder care. All games are divided into two worlds. In one you'll see a familiar atmosphere for Reimann, while the second can meet with God Polokusom unusual characters. They are ready to help Reimann, because the kind and responsive. Reimann main task - to defeat Dark, who captured and put in a cage, Elektunov. Crazy rabbits can not sit still, they are constantly looking for adventure. So it turned out that they kidnapped friends Reimann, globoksov, which must be found. He has a funny weapon, though he does not think so and is it dangerous gun that shoots vantuzami. Even so, the weapon should hit the target. Sometimes Ryman ready to distract from the search for and play the race, driving an unusual vehicle, and yet he enjoys throwing cows. With these rabbits you can arrange a merry hunt for carrots or start dancing. Exciting activity invented rabbits with balloons. They quickly inflated balls, to have fun and taste it to burst them as quickly. The game is held by only one key is pressed, the main thing to do it non-stop. You must become a winning party to rabid rabbits slightly cooled his ardor, and put the long ears from defeat. Free play with wild rabbits really with a single click after selecting the game. And probably that one day you would be with them in a primitive time. There's something you have fun with all the heart, engaged in the destruction of the cave residents.

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