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Games Biathlon - a fascinating view of the competition that combines cross-country skiing and shooting.

Who among us is not interested in winter sports? Since childhood, we used to ride on a sled and looking forward to the first snow falling out, then fell in love with riding skiing or skating. To some it brings a real pleasure, and some are made of such driving on snow or ice, his profession. Many sports, including the Olympics due to the winter. It skating, figure skating, bobsleigh, cross-country races. But there is one sport that combines several events. Biathlon consists of the ability to rapidly cross country skiing and make well-aimed shots at the target. Biathlon can only athletes, because the weapons and equipment cost money, and not everyone can afford, and not always possible to find open spaces for skiing. In this regard, for the thrill and speed invented online game Biathlon. Just turning on your computer, you can plunge into the snow, athletes hackneyed trails and pick up a virtual gun. And also to play for free online does not threaten neither frostbite nor fractures in the fall. Only manage to switch between fast race skiing and shooting. Why is it so important to get right on target? In online games, each miss penalty loops, or add minutes and then we will receive the gold medal is not so close. The motto of the online biathlon - go quickly, accurately exposed. Then each player with just a mouse and arrow keys can feel like a winner. Among the free online games one can select for yourself. This can be a team game in a relay race, an individual or mass start race. Before you during online games opened the wonderful world of the snow-covered mountains in the background track or winter woods. Sometimes you have to jump from a springboard, to circumvent the speed of all the boxes. If all jobs are performed accurately and you evaded all challengers find yourself closest to the finish line.

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