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Games Blocks - try to deal with this conundrum by removing all blocks from the playing field.

Play online colored blocks seem elementary at first sight. It did not have to do complicated. Finding on the combination of blocks of the same color and click on them. But if you do not count the moves in advance, at the end of the level will be that some do not have a couple of blocks of color, and then the game comes to a standstill. This game is similar to Tetris, which was once a favorite pastime of both children and adults. Only in this exciting game it was necessary to connect different pieces, to leave no empty cells, and some could disappear. In online games colored blocks the main goal - to create groups of three or more blocks of the same color to cleanse them from the playing field. If some blocks disappear, their place may be other, and so has not yet completed the task, or until time runs out. The more units, the more points. The more consecutive coups, the more bonuses you get. There are bonuses as stirring. If you have multiple items, but there is no beneficial courses, mixing and press will exit. If you are caught hours, it gives additional time at the end of the level, but some devices in the form of an ax or a hammer can help break the obstacle. Despite the primitive blocks online, these free games can increase your diligence, add to the treasury of the logic and the ability to think ahead. Sometimes these blocks can be gems, some toy faces, fruit. It's like a small player, and they can usefully spend time at the computer. Sometimes they will feel like a farmer to harvest three or more of the same vegetable, folding in a basket. The child can feel like a real builder of the online game, when you have to put the bricks with the help of a crane. Finding locations for certain colored blocks are not so easy and will have to exert mental effort. With each level of your eye will become more likely to find a combination of units, which will bring more points.

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