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Game Bob will immerse you in a world of high speeds on the ice chute, where everything depends on your reaction and composure.

It is believed that this is done in Switzerland, a few decades ago. Bobsleigh - a team game in a sleigh can accommodate up to 8 people who have to shake them during the rapid descent on a special track. It is similar to a long corridor or tunnel made ​​of ice. The main goal of the game - to give the sled acceleration and not jump the track. So just think that sledding easy task, but in fact it is difficult and dangerous sport. Do you want to feel the complexity of managing Bob? Includes free online game Bobsled and take responsibility for their team on their shoulders. It is necessary to cope with the management of the sled, because any deviation threatens flight and have to start the game from the beginning. You expect a lot of dangerous and unpredictable turns, so you should have a good response in time to turn in the right direction, using the left - right. If you want variety, apart from a realistic game - simulator, you'll find online bobsled with Flintstones in prehistoric time. There simply is no modern highway icy road, and home brontosaurus will tell you when to start in this dangerous race. For children there are also games with cartoon characters. For example, Sponge Bob decided to ride on a sled to collect food. To help him, you'll have to not only control the sled, but at the same time trying to grab all the spoon with food in its path. There will have to be doubly careful and clever, not to let their favorite hero. For kids there is a fun game with your favorite pets. He will be able to choose a furry animal, which will go on the ice for a meeting adventures. In some games you can play online with a friend or parent. Tack on the mountain slope, collecting bonuses in the trees.

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