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Game Blast it - an exciting confrontation, in which you must destroy enemies by placing them in front of their own bomb

A couple of decades ago, gamers addicted to the game in which the main attribute was a bomb. Games"Bomberman"gained its popularity due to easy goals and fascinating process. Today, a worthy analogue of these games. Online games Blow it has vivid interface, pleasant and easy operation, as well as rapid development, which will not get bored. The free online games you will meet with eight different characters - three girls and five boys. The girls look so cute that will never believe that they are gambling and Bomberman versed in explosives. They can not be confused, because they are created by developers in different colors. And the most interesting thing that you can give yourself your hero some original features. Online games Blow it allow you to choose not only the main character, as well as the level of complexity, the number of players on the field, and opponents of the map. In such a beautiful maze is not difficult to get lost, but you must clearly understand its purpose - to cope with all the enemies, overcoming all the obstacles in the form of walls. Free online games Blow it have several parts. In each of them the main goal - mining, but there are also significant differences in the rules or terms of games. Little smiling hero is always ready to plant a bomb. You need to put the opponent in an awkward position from which he will not have time to get out in time. But he must quickly flushed away. No image on track to collect all sorts of bonuses that are essential to you in the future to defeat all opponents. Some of the online game Blow it hit you a variety of weapons along the way. And in the last part of the online game Blow it 7 you have to collect all the stars on the field, and you can freeze your enemies. In any part of the online game Blow it you are waiting for an exciting adventure in the café, water park, movie theater and other unexpected places in the likeness of the pharaoh 's tomb. Be observant so that no enemy could not get close to you and plant a bomb. Be quick to catch run away when he planted a bomb. In this world of online games Blast is a lot of adventure and different bonuses that make this game interesting.

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