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Not all people can boast that their work and interests coincided, as it turned out at the Kratt brothers. From early childhood, they showed an interest in animals, plants and natural processes. When the brothers grew up and have themselves become parents, they have remained true to nature as well. Explore mysteries of nature was their vocation, favorite thing that makes a profit. Kratt Brothers were able to become close friends because of the small difference in age. They made many discoveries in the field of zoology and biology, learn some of them can be in the free online games. All life evolved brothers, gain new knowledge and received academic degrees of bachelor. In order to involve the younger generation in the world of nature and give them new knowledge, Kratt brothers not only to become writers of educational and informative programs about the animal world, but also trapped in a series of free online games. In his studio created forces Kratt brothers shoot not only movies, but also cartoons. If you previously did not have to watch them, it is quite possible to replace viewing online games in which you will be able to travel with the Kratt brothers in the jungle, among the vines and trees, as well as meet with kangaroos or wild cats. The free online game Kratt brothers send you in the ocean expedition to learn the habits of the inhabitants of the deep water. You will be curious to know that kangaroos are not so peaceful animals, and frequently come into fights with each other. In an online game you can control one of the participants in the battle to help him win. To do this, you have to be nimble and quick, and also have an excellent response to reflect enemy attacks. In the online game Kratt brothers will introduce you to a closer with fireflies. They will shine in different colors and you have to show your skills by repeating the teacher flowers connections. The free online game Kratt Brothers can go hunting as a caracal. This wild beast like a huge cat, but looks more severe, especially in pursuit of quails. In any Kratt Brothers online game you find yourself in the world of wild nature, where there are rules and laws that are better not to disturb.

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