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Brattszillaz In games you will meet new characters who are young witches

Not so long ago, all the girls in the world conquered Brattszillas dolls, which represent a new generation of fashion witches. They all came at the same time study at the Fashion Academy and becoming a brand new magic in an educational institution. Each of them received the invitation without any instructions except, perhaps, address and confronted in the lobby, the girls became friends, and after all the initial hurdles have been together. Being brand new, of course, it is difficult when you're alone, but in the case of Jade, Yasmin, Megan, Sashabelly Cloetta and it was not so. Being brand new, they both chose the mantle, cast spells and see the miraculous transformation of each other out of the ordinary girls witches, witchcraft which is available in all its manifestations. Taking itself in a new guise, they were together, so that all fears vanished, the more conflicts between the students Academy is almost imperceptible, except for twin black magic. Like all students Academy of fashion and magic in each of the girls have a favorite pet, but he presented each of them a magic mirror that accurately determine who to approach, or a funny monkey Kotopes all depended only on the girls themselves and their intrinsic qualities. But pets need not only to have fun spending time with them, they also are essential in the Academy of friends that tell lessons schedule and hold on unfamiliar hallways in the right audience. Pet girls are doubly lucky, because Sashabella understand the language of animals and, therefore, all pets can turn to her for help, so the girls together to come up with a solution to the problem. For example, a fashion show was arranged specifically for pets, so they do not feel offended in such a place as the Academy of Fashion and magic. With fashion and style of the girls a special relationship, because now it is subject to a great deal, and conjure their new shoes is not difficult. At the academy, there are even tests in fashion, not about whether the dream of every girl in the world. And if this dream can be attributed to yours, then Brattszillas games created for you, because playing, you can plunge into the atmosphere, which is just full of magic and fashion. Together with the girls you will be able to choose things that are worthy of attention, meet characters, which at one time they met. Whether it's magic or buy new stylish things, and it's always nice for an ordinary girl and witch.

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