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If you think it's just a train car that can only carry cargo and people, then you are very wrong, because somewhere far away is the city Chaggington there live funny trains that live there and work just because they like it. Some of them are old and wise, and some very young and just learning to stand firmly on the rails, and then, swaying and demanding support. They are all lovely and friendly, with their feelings, emotions and individual character. All of them are ready to help each other and support in difficult times, because everyone can be friends regardless of age. All trains have their calling, but before you become someone they need to learn and to train under the supervision of experienced teachers. If you do not look for the train, they quickly had done stupid things, and have fun and play, instead of having to perform tasks that give them special. You can not, for example, once people learn to carry, even if you're a high-speed electric locomotive, this skill requires accuracy, which is a must to develop. Now we will focus on three interns who are old enough to stand on the tracks, but do not have the knowledge and skills necessary for a flawless performance of their duties. Koko, Wilson and Brewster main characters of the cartoon, and game Chaggington also largely devoted to them, as they are about the same age as you, and therefore, play with them, you will be very interesting. Trains though alive, but as ordinary people in need of help, so that people who are in Chaggingtone, communicate with train as best friends, and work engineers, inventors, and monitor all traffic. Of course, you could argue, as the train passes the job Wee - traffic - manager, but the job does not come up with it, and the people, it is because they are responsible for everything that happens on Chaggington station. So neither be surprised if you have to work a little on the ground of people who help to train to be in good health, and do not break. In games Chaggington you will see a lot of your favorite heroes, maybe even the time to try to perform the task that has to do with our heroes. Plunge into the rich life trains, staying at the depot Chaggingtona. On the rails to fun.

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