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Games Ant-Man will acquaint you with a new hero who must defeat the evil in the world

With the advent of a new super-hero all the evil forces lurking to re-emerge with a new power. His name Ant-Man was due to the original suit. This suit makes it a small ant that has incredible power. It can even fight with an army, because no one would have thought that a baby can cause such damage. This outfit was invented by a brilliant scientist who tries to keep secret suit. Because it understands what harm can this invention, if you fall into the hands of enemies. But enough talking, it's time to experience this miracle suit on the matter. Now we need to stand up for Metropolis. Hero of the need to master the ability to fly using the arrow keys. Combine the two cases and collect more bonuses along the way. To Ant-Man did not lose a boost of energy, try to pass the barrier strips. He has one important mission - to get an important instrument. He could destroy half the world, if it will be put into action. Along with their favorite characters you can pass all the traps without getting hurt. Though he has a defense in a suit, still clash with the enemy could bring him trouble. Free of charge you can play in the search for the letters and numbers in the pictures. This will help to learn the alphabet even a whole and at the same time learn to be attentive and focused.

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