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This character is known to all the children of India, but you are probably still not familiar with it, so let me introduce Chota Bhim. This nine year old boy who lives in the Indian village Dolakpur, and it seems that he is unremarkable, but simply do not become heroes. Chota Bhim has a superpower, and is known for not only this. He always comes to the rescue when requested and virtue can not be left unnoticed, so Chota Bhima trusted by all the innermost secrets, and sincerely believe that the boy will protect the village from attacks. It so happened that the boy not to take courage, and no wonder, since it can easily cope with the lion, and any other animal that exceed its size. The attacks are not uncommon in the village Dolakpur, and a host of demons and giants tried to subdue its people now and then, nasylaya spells, drought and other magical ailments. But Chota Bhim each time got up to defend their villages, and each time rebuffed, and now children and adults sincerely hope for its protection from alien attacks. Even neighboring lands found out about his talents, and often seek help, it is necessary to say that the boy can not refuse them, because it is self-sacrificing hero. Like any human being, at the Chota Bhim has friends and enemies. His main rival - Potassium, which is simply jealous of the glory of super-strong boy, and tries to nullify all his efforts, however, fortunately, nothing he does not leave. Friends are always ready to help Chota Bhima, and he is friends not only with people but also with animals, so in those close to him was a talking monkey. However, the Council requested not only to her, because he has a good friend Raju, who is only four years old, but he already knows what's what. Chota is also friends with the seven-year girl named sensitively, whose mother works in a candy store. Sometimes sensitively secretly makes laddu mother of shops as Chota Bhim loves this dessert. By the way, the boy even became a winner in the competition for eating these wonderful sweet balls. Generally, as the most powerful and agile boy, Chota is often the village at various competitions, and now you have a reason for dating - online game Chota Bhim. Now you can own to see how strong it is, and even help him win at all sorts of events. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet with friends, a boy, and to understand why he chose them.

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