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Most of the sea in the distance you can see them jumping, so they enjoy life and the sun. But we can closely observe them only in dolphinariums or in free online games. You can feel like a real trainer in the world's most intelligent animal. Dolphins show great show, because they can be taught tricks. Therefore, children love to watch these animals, and go to their presentation. Swim in deep, look for food, and fear the evil sharks that can hurt you. Sometimes, a dolphin caught in the path of dangerous obstacles in the form of rocks, sunken ships and should be avoided in order to get to the goal unharmed. After all, he clashes with anything from your character 's health is reduced. If you're not ready to become a dolphin, even in an online game, you can be his best friend, which is to monitor the health of the dolphin, its purity and in every way to take care of him. It likes to make Princess Ariel, because she has many friends among dolphins, and you can help her. The most favorite spot of many children is the dolphin. Online games will help you to discover not only the love of dolphins, but also to become an experienced businessman, who deftly manages the huge dolphinarium. Or go on a dolphin show in the role of a little girl Polly Hazel or to play with the dolphins or make some beautiful pictures on the memory.

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