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Equestria Girls Games will provide an opportunity to play with these beautiful heroines having fun time

If you miss the sweet pony in the online games of Equestria you can not keep their joy to meet again with these magical characters. Here, everything is permeated with magical colors, because the main characters - a pony in this country, and people on the ground they look like cute girls. Probably, so the girls Equestria like all the same thing as you, or your girlfriend. They love all the new and fashionable, they have heaps of clothes in the closets and they follow fashion. So interesting to watch them, after all, there is a difference. They are bright and attractive, and more adventurous. The girls first came into the world inhabited by humans when Sunset Twilight stole the crown and fled. So fabulous pony could see what they can become human beings. Now they have twice as many tasks, chores and fun adventures. They are interested in getting new knowledge in the human world, and you will be curious to scout out all about them. What are they attracted to and what they like to do. In online games for free, you can get vivid impressions. Having fun with the girls, choosing their new outfits, helping to transform so that the people in the world have taken for their own. Equestria Girls like to change hairstyles, as well as their prototypes in a fantasy world, a pony. Just change the color of the pony mane and tail, but for them also need to take care of. Pony wash and brush, and the girls do masochki, try a cream and a new makeup. These characters are different in that they can shine with all the colors of the rainbow. Why girls from Equestria as bright outfits? They can walk, can go on holidays, and can go to a disco. There you are with them you can learn a few cool moves. Having spent many calories, you just need to fill them. This can be done by opening a candy store. Pinkie Pie's most famous sweet tooth among all the girls, so she will be delighted by this paradise with cupcakes and candy. But it should help in the development of the store, so he made a profit. Not only dreams of Pinkie Pie favorite business. For example, fashionista Eplp Jack dreams of his beauty salon. Once to visit her, it can be transformed beyond recognition, because she has a mask and makeup and wigs. When she tired of boring life in their schools, they go to travel. You can get them in Equestria, where you will find many tasks and quests. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to work hard.

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