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About a little girl Dasha - Pathfinder is well known to every child, and adults too. After all, how much fun adventures can be seen on screens in cartoons about a girl. But also do not remain without attention and her cousin Diego. The boy is the same cheerful and curious as his cousin. Get introduced to them you can not only interesting series about the adventures of Diego in the jungle, but also in the free online game Diego. This eight year old boy grew up in a family of scientists, and he has an older sister, which receives signals about disasters in the jungle, and the boy immediately sent to the scene. The free online games Diego, you can open the mysterious world of the wild forest. You have to look for fruit nursery Diego, where he holds the wounded animals and help them to recover. In the jungle, always waiting for him dangerous, and what exactly did you learn in online games. At Diego there are a couple of accessories that help him in the missions. This camera clicks and a backpack with a rescue tool. The cartoons Diego urges viewers to answer what the right thing, but in online games you will have to act alone to rescue the boy, or an animal. There are also more simple and not dangerous games with Diego. You can choose for a boy new clothes, so that he not only climbed the jungle, but he walked her to walk with friends. Diego was the best traveler, and a variety of adventures in free online games will surprise every gamer. Do you find yourself not only in the rapid river, from which you need to pull out Diego with stones, but at the North Pole, but Australia's amazing you can watch the ostriches. Sometimes tasks seem difficult, but Diego is also not easy to travel around the world to discover the undiscovered country, and show wild animals for you. So do not be afraid to look for items, collect burns and jump on the vines, along with Diego in free online games, which are presented in this section. Diego is not only a smart boy, but he also knows how to manage the different techniques. It can be seen easily by helicopter or driving a tractor, as well as simple bicycle or motorcycle. He will ride on them on different roads, and you'll have to supervise these trips to Diego reached a whole.

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