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Who would not want to try yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable doctor? Online Games "Doctor" allow gamers from 8 to 88 years to feel like an experienced physician and participate in complex patient care. The image of a pretty nurse or ambulance will head in the game to do the operation according to the rules of their conduct. For example, to perform the surgery on the stomach. Different versions of the game are interesting and different from each other scenarios. During the game, will assist Dr. drunk patient, examine the knee joint, to ECG, X-rays and a heart transplant, to participate in the rescue operation, and soetc. Play "Doctor" - is an exciting simulation, which will teach the new player. Medical knowledge to be gained during the game, priceless. After the game is truly realistic and can not be just an observer and participant events experienced doctors, surgeons, cardiologists and physicians of our time. Agree that a person who knows how to make the game highly complex operations, less likely to get lost if the next one wants a first aid. During the game, do the operation is very exciting, and so the game of virtual doctors destined to live long.

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