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No one believed that one on the planet can live very unusual residents. In the animated film we have decided to show how this can happen. Funny purple creatures were quite good si bit silly. But history, in which they got given the way the developers of online games to make a series of puzzles and fun with these funny characters. The main heroine of cartoon house was a small, but very brave girl gift. She met one of the aliens and made ​​friends. Free online games House of the same bright and exciting, like a cartoon, so will not be bored. And they are aimed at different age groups. For the little ones can choose the online coloring with a girl and her other Ohom. And also there are interesting puzzles that will teach students to think logically and help develop ingenuity. Despite the seriousness of the problem posed to you in online games, they are not devoid of good humor and with such characters. The online puzzles, you can choose the difficulty, so that everyone can play and enjoy the folding of pictures with their favorite characters. You can dream up a few online games and imagine that you have your doctor 's office. Suddenly, to accept an unusual patient come to you. It is an alien named Oh. What was wrong with him? Can ear or tooth, and maybe he got a minor injury. Then you'll have to take his medication and to save the kid from pain. These games teach any child compassion and assistance. And in order to improve visual memory is enough to play this free online game with cards for the development of memory. They will contain pictures of Okha and his friends, as well as girls Dar. Collect pictures in pairs, turning them. Among the amusing adventures of a girl and Okha be noted cheerful flight on an umbrella. If you have not had to make such a journey, then these characters you easily send it, just by pressing a button on the screen. The free online game House of the girls will have to adorn you, to prepare it for the holiday. Here you will be easier to present your room and do everything the way you would like to see in front of you. Then the result to get creative and bright.

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