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The blue fish Dory won the love of all the children, only appearing in the movie"Finding Nemo", and now in any aquarium, children learn it easily, because exactly remember what she looks like, and do not suffer from memory loss, unlike most inmates oceans. Like all fish Dory lives under water, and in spite of the forgetfulness has got lots of friends, thanks to a long journey to the coast of Sydney, which was quite dangerous for such a small fish as it. Now Dori became hero of many games, which are dedicated to her and her friends, and now you have the opportunity to try to play them, and get to know the characters a little closer. Many jobs do not make you bored, because the life of a fish is not so monotonous, as it seems at first glance, and if you watched at least one cartoon, dedicated to marine life, should know this firsthand. The world under water is full of not only fun, but also dangerous, but some fish predators are worth, but Dori always find a minute for fun games, so she knows something in this sense. If you do not believe, then it's time to start the game Dorie to see this, and have fun at glory. Jobs that are waiting for you sometimes completely unpretentious and sometimes quite complex, but Dori sure you are clearly the strength, the fish is always set only on success. You have to face not only good friends Dory, but also cruel sharks who want to eat the poor fish. Good-natured and open it is always glad to new friends who are involved in its adventures, and maybe you'll be one of them for a long time, in fact throw the fish can not be in trouble, and to play with it is always tempting. It should be noted that Dory suffers due to its memory, or rather because of its absence, therefore constantly trying to develop it, solving all kinds of puzzles, some of them it will show, and you, as sure attention and memory - it is the key to successful resolution of any problems. Playing, you will see a lot of marine life, which in everyday life is easily concealed under a layer of water, and never appear on the surface, avoiding the risk of being caught or eaten, but in the games they will gladly show you, because they believe that you do not want them harm.

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