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Dragonboll Games will provide an opportunity to participate in a number of fights, defending their country against enemies

One of the most popular manga in Japan. So many years, but it is still popular, because these characters are unshakable and it seems that they will live forever. Comics were so in demand that at one point it was decided to remove the anime series, and soon a few polnometrazhek. The series "The Pearl of the Dragon" tells the story of two families and about the birth of the baby Gohan. But the idyll is spoiled with the appearance of an alien visitor named Radits. He was the fourth space warrior Goku and confessed that he was his brother. Now Goku must become a space warrior and go with him to protect his native land. He told Goku about the legend, according to which there are seven items, they make the power of the dragon pearls. And who are all these things, he will become invincible warrior. These fantastic stories could interest and boys and their dads, and the most important thing that you can play them for free. Game Dragonboll very similar at first glance all the anime games. Many martial arts, Enemies, and the opportunity to relax with the help of ping-pong. Take part in the battles to come off and wave his fists like a true fighter you get real pleasure. You can have many versions of online games - play alone, in a team game, or you can fight with multiple opponents. Do not be afraid to get in a fight with the space monsters, huge dragons and some incredible creatures. In Dragonboll games you can play for free hockey, table tennis, or to look for skorovisch. Especially exciting will be looking for the treasure. To do this you need to move on varied terrain and look for hiding places, collecting coins and health. Girls, too, there is a lesson. They can play a fun mahjong, marbles and card games. There are a few odevalok where you have to dress the main characters before the decisive battle. And for the little ones suitable coloring and puzzles to help develop children and their perseverance. Games Dragonboll like the whole family, because each member will find yourself something interesting.

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