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Games dragon Hopi will acquaint you with a purple dragon, I love adventures.

Exciting games dragon Hopi acquaint us with a cheerful and sweet dragon named Hopi. And though he had just been born, this does not prevent him to fall into a variety of difficult situations kotorhyh he needs your help to cope with them. In a world where lives dragon Hopi, he lives an evil wizard, which will build various machinations of our little hero. Having started to play with dragon Hopi, you will need to go in search of a paradise place, overcoming many difficulties on the way. Games dragon Hopi will provide an opportunity to take part in the most incredible adventures, during which you need to act boldly and decisively, helping our purple whelps achieve this goal. Mastered in this world, Dragon wants to be a businessman by opening the number of establishments in various cities. Be his faithful assistant in the pizzeria and pancake gamburgernogo, serving a large number of visitors who will visit the café of our character. Play with dragon Hopi are always fun, so do not waste time, choose the game and start to carry out the task. The site contains all the games Dragon Hopi, so you can relive all the adventures purple dragon, each of which will be completely absorb you my gameplay.

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