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In games Friendship is a miracle you meet prekrasm world, which is inhabited by ponies and other characters.

All the children know what is friendship. It's so wonderful when you have a friend and you can play with it all day, hit him in the adventure and just watch TV together. Therefore, the animated series by name Friendship is a miracle has become very popular. From it you can learn about the wonderful country of Equestria, about its famous residents - the ponies. About the hero of the cartoon, funny unicorn spark created many online games that you can play in this section. Also you will find there a couple of nice Pegasus - Rainbow and Fluttershy, Rarity another unicorn, pony Pinkie Pie and EPL Jack. Each character of the game is original and can be found not only in appearance but also in hobbies. Sparkle is friends with nature, therefore some weather conditions depend on it, because it is in school of magic. Pegasus can rise very high for the clouds to stop heavy rain or calm the storm. A unicorn horn you will see a huge force. The free online games Friendship is a miracle you will not have any quiet moment, you are waiting for serious efforts to create an image for the ponies and their friends. They are gorgeous manes and tails, that I want to braid pigtails of them, wear colorful barrettes and bows. When all the pony will look stylish, you can go on holiday. Sometimes they have to be engaged in the search, it will not help the magic power and need your wit and attentiveness. You will be given the aid loop, which can be used to find all the numbers in the picture or alphabet. Enjoy free puzzles as long as you do not have to run to the aid of Twilight and ponies. They were enchanted evil force and lost the power wings. Twilight is to save all the falling pony, and you have to manage it, to tell the way. After all, she knows that friendship is a miracle and can not survive without it in this world. For the sake of true friends you have to go into the maze to subside cute pony that so gullible that it is not noticed as witchcraft led him away into the jungle. Think what friends do you want in your life, and be so different for these fabulous characters who constantly find themselves in trouble.

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