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Games for Girls "Kindergarten" - is a funny and exciting simulator, in which the player to try himself as a kindergarten teacher. How to cope with all the kids? Even more so when one requires its own: one need toys, the second - a diaper, and a third has long been hungry. Goal of the game for girls kindergarten is to ensure that all the children were happy. About their mood during the game in kindergarten can be identified by the number of hearts. And for kiddies was comfortable in the game kindergarten can invite a clown to buy additional furniture or toys. And no harm will be an additional teacher, a cook or a secretary. The player needs to promptly respond to the wishes kids, then they will be satisfied and happy. Depends on it, and a day's earnings teacher, which will increase the quality of the work. Kindergarten games have simple controls, suitable for even the youngest players. Left click the mouse to select an object or a child, but with a space - quickly call the clown, who amuse children and instantly improve their mood. Games for Girls Kindergarten require a lot of attention, perseverance and develop logical thinking.

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