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Economic strategy game - undoubtedly a very interesting genre of online games. Economic strategy game aimed primarily at teenagers. But adults also get a lot of fun, trashing the competition on all fronts of the business game. There is not need special dexterity, reaction time, do not have a bazooka and shoot or get away from the monsters. But economic strategy games require logical thinking, concentration, and some knowledge of mathematics. Economic strategy game is very diverse. You can, for example, to develop a distant planet, developing field of rare elements. You will need and special equipment, and labor, and spaceships. All this can be purchased, but the money to be earned, originally a small loan is granted. Playing in the economic strategy of the game, you can run a restaurant or a football club, to build megacities, or protect the environment. Or maybe you have and maintain an army to protect his empire, because neighbors can be aggressive and conflictual. But the main problem, which the player has to solve - economic. Strategy game developed by the player must pursue constructive, not destructive purposes.

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