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Games Epic War will take you into the world of war, where you have to defend your castle

Games fantasy very attracted to adolescents and younger children. Indeed, in the virtual world, you can see that it is impossible to meet the windows. Therefore, a lot of fans of the epic about the war online games appeared in our time. This game attracts its diverse elements. Each player will meet in its gripping storyline, beautiful graphics, interesting events. Free to play online in the army at any time of day, in any weather you can wander through the land of the enemy and fight for it. Start online game by selecting the class of the hero and to create an army. The most basic tasks will be protection from the enemy castle, as well as a study of the area map. Together with the army you will explore new ground, trying to find where the rich resources and combat the enemy. In online games Epic War you meet elves, hobbits, orcs, and many unfamiliar creatures. Each of them knows how to deal with certain weapons and knows a few tricks. Some online characters can manage an ax, sword, or shoot a bow, but there are those who are able to kill the enemy spells. After each battle in the online game you can draw conclusions and in the next time to apply their knowledge with much judgment to victory. Take up arms and go boldly forward, protected by halberds and axes. Do you have such a feature as mana. It is necessary to accumulate, to soon be spent on improving equipment and other necessary elements for your troops. The more successful battles will be over your shoulders, the more mana you can spend. The free online games Epic War to win the battle, it's not a victory. You need to try to win the war, and that means you need to increase the army, thereby protecting his castle. It is only your enemy get behind the gates of the castle, you can consider his mission lost. Do not forget that the fate of the soldier is that he will once be defeated, but try to make sure that you stood on the winning side. To this end, throughout the online games you have to be bold, brave and resolute, to rush into battle and beat the enemy on the spot. Epic War Online began a new saga that will teach you to defend her and to strive for more.

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