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Game Fairy Tail will enable long way to go to the school of magic, performing tasks with the brave girl

Some Japanese comic books are becoming very popular. Fairy Tail is about a magical land Fiore, which is ruled by magic and miracles. In these stories, no one fights alone. You will have a whole team of five fairy favorite characters, who recognize the magic and witchcraft. The magic of comics sold in stores, and anyone can buy it. Through this whole country is able to cast spells and creates a small coalition of interests. Thus was formed a few guild of wizards, which can be distinguished by peculiarities in each city created its own guild. The main character of this game Lucy really wants to get into one of the guilds. Its name is "Fairy Tail". By any means she wants to be a member of this guild, the strongest in the country, but there can only be accessed by invitation. She goes in search of someone who can recommend it to the guild, and encounters true friends. They still do not get it in one adventure. About magic command creates not only comic books, but also a series of online games, for boys and girls want to try to manage these brave heroes. Famous Five will get into an incredible adventure, fight other guilds and enemies. Each hero has a characteristic inherent only to him and it's magical power that helps him fight the opponents. This force will make a spectacle of the battle. But most importantly you make devastating damage on the enemy. Therefore it is best to combine their magic and physical strength to be on the winning side. Free to play with these fabulous characters can be not only in fights and competitions, but sometimes have to prepare the characters to some important holidays and choose the outfits. The girls like to cook heroines of these online games to the fashion show, creating them stylish clothes and accessories. Therefore, girls and boys will be interested in this section of free games, with the ability to choose the adventure with your favorite anime characters to your interests.

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