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Probably every girl heard about Winx fairies. These fabulous character to fight against evil, learn new spells, fall into constant adventure, and fall in love and have a great look. Want to be one of them? Then the game "Winx Fairies" created especially for you!Games for Girls "Winx Fairies" - is a series of fascinating flash-games in which you need to play in one of the charming fairies. You will have a lot of different jobs. First, for the game "Little Fairy Winx" need to go to a magic school, and then to teach spells make potions and get acquainted with the theory of magic. To be a good witch, you need to study well. Help your fairy cope with their homework, and then it will have more skill in battle.However, in addition to learning the game "Winx Fairies" must have good taste or a strong desire to develop it with his heroine. After all, the young sorceress dress up, watch your hair and make-up and always look for 100%. Therefore, all games for girls "Enchantress" demand from young ladies ability to pick the right clothes and jewelry. That is, during the game "Winx Fairies", you will need to wear her character, do her hair and makeup. Manage?But in addition to learning and Dress Up Games for Girls "Winx Fairies" - a real action games! After all, your fairy - a fighter against evil, so that sometimes you have to take a magic weapon and set off to do battle with witches and monsters.Study, dressing, attitude and even the battle - not a lot for a single game? Indeed, too much. Therefore, games for girls "Winx Fairies" - a whole series of games, and not only one. In some games you have to worry about the appearance of the character, in others - to help her build relationships with their peers, and in others - to fight dangerous opponents. Moreover, all of the game "Little Fairy" require the player to the maximum attention.On our site you can find all sorts of games for girls - "Witch" is also included in this number. As you can see, we call these games in different ways. This is not surprising, because all the games are really different and designed for different players. But in these flash drives, each girl will be able to find something interesting. Perhaps this will be the game "Little Fairy" dress up, makeup and hairstyles. Perhaps you prefer the games for girls "Witch" - with battles and magical spells. But that you choose, the main characters of these games will be a charming and bold Winx fairies.

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