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How can you teach a child good and instill in him good behavior rules simple and easy? Everyone knows that it is possible to watch the show if"Fixiki". A little bit of humor, educational ideas and a lot of useful information - this is what can be characterized by each series of the cartoon about the little boy Dime Dimycha and his new friends. Fixiki this tiny little men who live in the electronic and household appliances. They perform useful actions to repair all faults. If you so enjoy spending time with Fixiki but cartoons everything is viewed, takes to play free jigsaw puzzle with these characters. After all, they are very fond of fun at times when they do not work on the repair of household appliances. Together with them, you will go to the ice rink to play air hockey. To complete this online game you just need to move the platform to catch the ball. He will bounce off it and break the bricks. The main thing to make sure that the ball did not get past the platform. If you like a more active entertainment, then go to the free online game on the race track with Fixiki. They fashioned a cool car that will take part in the competition. You'll have to teach Fixiki using radio control. The route will show you all of their spines as dangerous bends and obstacles, so must train several times to pass it to the competition handily cope with overcoming distance. Fixiki will not let you get bored in the online games and sent into space, where you find yourself surrounded by asteroids. On the aircraft, which also came up Fixiki, you will go all over the orbits, dodging asteroids. In the quiet time you can develop your brain by playing online puzzles with Fixiki. Each picture you will draw not only interesting process, but also tells about the latest adventures of our characters. Free online games Fixiki always give you a pleasant mood and teach something new and informative. Develop memory too easy in the company of Fixiki online game with cards. They need to remember the heroes of the image to find them in pairs. And for the youngest fans of free online games offer Fixiki do drawing and paint pictures.

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