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Version of the very popular game "Three in a row" - Fishdom. You have to play with the mouse, swapping figures deep sea dweller - the fish, snails, plants, mollusks, corals. Three figures were lined up, disappear, for this run over points in the game. In Fishdom can play for a long time, passing a lot of levels, each of which is a bit complicated than the previous. Some combinations of chips fall bombs, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics, which makes the game even more fun. If swapping chips can move the bomb explodes all around. This extra points to the player. In Fishdom you can play with a timer or without. A somewhat more sophisticated version fishdoma - Fishdom 2. The game follows the same way, interchanging the figures. But this is a game with elements of business. You can (and should) buy various improvements to the aquarium: filstr water, air compressor for blowing air tank, food and vitamins for fish, new fish and shellfish. The main task of the player in fishdom2 play to left field with golden cage. Then the round is over. And of course, one must strive to get as many points. In fishdom2 can play both children and adults, fun, no doubt, will get it.

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