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You were in the house of Foster's dream come true where the boy, who dreamed about friends, which he had never been. And there is nothing that these imaginary friends, because Foster played with them as fun as the real. Then imaginary friends are real, they are becoming more and everyone living in the house was able to find a company with the help of these extraordinary creatures. All of them are constantly coming up with a variety of pranks, bringing home a large number of residents of a hassle. Only Mac, boy, was glad to friends, who brought joy to his life. And parents are not very happy metamorphosis in their house, because now wander through the rooms of monsters. But it was only in the first, then they saw how children are friends with them and come to terms with their existence. House Foster scored all sorts of candies, cakes, which at night flying over his head and that's so much fun to catch. And, you can jump over the rope, while making funny movements. Do not forget about the sport, is not it fun to ride a skateboard rushing down the mountain. In addition, you still have to go through several adventures that you can play for free the house and Foster are sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Most come in to the site Zazaplay, where all the available games with imaginary friends and who are waiting, when you start to play with them.

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