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Once the press branded the villain Gru Feloniusa Meksona year, and he's very proud of it, but people change, and change it by complicated metamorphosis. Neighbor Gru - Fred had the opportunity to observe how changes our hero, and was pleasantly surprised when the villain activity diminished. It just so happened that at the time the crime Grew worked almost everywhere, with his army of loyal minions, even grieve for the child Grew was not difficult. But there came a turning point, and just when Gru tried to prove that in comparison with other villains, he is still the greatest and unsurpassed, despite the desperate attempts of others to break it. The confrontation with the newly villain villain The vector resulted in an orphanage Miss Hattie, where orphans lived. As part of an insidious plan Grew it was the adoption of three girls, and then use them to steal the secret cunning devices in vectors. The plan was successful, but did not realize I'm burning one, the children believed that somewhere deep down, he is kind and selfless. More acquiring parental duties, he became a father to them, which will always protect their daughters, to support presentations and honors a bedtime story. Agnes - the youngest of the daughters I saw Grew something that no one could see, and it is a good heart villain. Edith, who loves life horror stories came to the house Grew, was happy, because no where more can not meet so many terrible pieces collected in one place. Only careful not trust Margot Grew and was very worried about this. Dr. Nefario - scientist working on the Grew, could not accept the presence of the girl, because he saw that the villain dies, turning into a model family man. The girls returned to the shelter, but when caught in the clutches of the evil Vectors, who tried to thwart the villainous Gru plan. Rape of girls again awakened his father's feelings, and former villain decided at any cost to save them, and saved, but vowed that never again they will not lose. After completing the villainous deeds, Grew to this day continues to live a quiet life, making jams and jellies with lots of different flavors. In addition, he continues to live with them and taking care of the girls, as the real father, so he sometimes has to play with them, and fooling around as if he was still a child. Playing the game Despicable Me, you can plunge into the atmosphere of fun, which is happening in the house Gru, the girls and the minions are glad to see everyone, and will welcome you in their daily fun.

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